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Midsummer Soft Estheties (Latter Half)

Notice of "Midsummer Soft Estheties (Latter Half)" to be Held 2018 / August 16 (Thurs) 14: 00 Thank you very much for using ...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

(Notice) Announcement of change of operating environment accompanying 30 FPS compliance

Announcement of change of operating environment accompanying 30 FPS compliance
2018/03/01 (Thursday) 17: 00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" 

We carried out in the following schedule We will inform you that we have changed the operating environment as follows 
due to the correspondence with "30 FPS" setting of frame rate in maintenance 

■ Maintenance date and time

2018/3/1 (Thurs) 14: 00 ~ 17: 00

Support for frame rate "30 FPS"

Along with the display of the game screen supporting 30 frames per second, 
we added "Frame Rate" to the "Preferences" item of the launcher. 

By setting the frame rate to "30 FPS", there is a possibility of playing comfortably even in low-performance operating environments. 

We will continue to revise the operating environment in the future, we will continue to improve so that more customers can enjoy this work, please expect it.

■ Operating Environment Changes

Along with "30 FPS" frame rate support, we also changed the "recommended operating environment" and "minimum operating environment". 
In addition, we set the operating environment as a combination of "CPU" and "video card".

■ Recommended Operating Environment Changes

When setting "60 FPS"When setting "30 FPS"
/ video card
■ Intel Core i7-2600 
■ Intel Core i5-3470 
■ Intel Core i7-2600 
/ NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 2GB
■ Intel Core i3-3225 
/ NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 2GB

■ Minimum operating environment changes

When setting "60 FPS"When setting "30 FPS"
/ video card
■ Intel Celeron E3400 
/ NVIDIA Geforce GTX 630 2GB
■ Intel Core i5-3470 


· The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
· Please check the official website for the latest operating environment. 
· There is a possibility that a retry is likely to occur in downloading data at 30 FPS setting. 
 We are conducting investigations aimed at improvement in the future, but please respond as a response to the haste.

now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" .

(Event) ハダカノココロ(前半)

Notice of "Hadakano nooko (first half)" held
2018/3 (Thurs) 17: 00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" 

We will hold the event "Hadakano no Kokoro (first half)" from Thur 1st (Thursday).

■ Hadakano nooko (first half)

■ Duration

2018/3 (Thursday) After Maintenance 
             ~ From March 8, 2018 to Maintenance

■ Event Summary

"Hadakano no Kokoro" is an 
event to raise "Hadaka degree" of a girl's heart by giving white girls gifts for girls. 
By setting the "degree of hakakaka" of 
each girl to 100%, you can receive swimwear exclusive for each girl. 

※ In the first half and the second half of the event, the special festival will be replaced, the festival to be held, the remuneration to be obtained, the degree of progress of the event etc. will be replaced.

■ Event Episode

"Kokoro" invoked at the request of work from the owner. 
That work was to 
take questionnaires under "certain conditions" to other girls The heart 
assumes work while noticing "some speculation" hidden in the questionnaire .

■ How to play an event

In "Hadakano nooko (first half)", collect "passion Heart" for a limited time festival and give it to 

By giving "Passion Heart" as a gift, you can raise the "Hadaka degree" of a girl's heart 
and gain "special swimming suit" or "event episode".

■ Get special swimsuit "Innocence · Passion"!

① Let's collect 'Passion Heart'! 
 I will challenge the event fest "Passion Heart Festival" and collect "Passion Heart".
Passion Heart
 ※ "Passion Heart Festival" will be limited to "Hadakano nooko (First half)" festival. 
  Challenge is not possible after "Hadakano nooko (first half)" is over. 

The probability that 'Passion Heart' will be dropped depends on the rank of the challenged festival. 
The higher the fest rank, the higher the probability of being dropped. 
Also, in the "final game" of A rank, B rank and C rank, instead of consuming much FP 
, "Passion Heart" drops with the probability of one rank higher.

② "Passion Heart" is given to girls! 
 From the "Special" tab of the present screen,
 let 'gift passionheart' to your favorite girls. 
 ※ "Passion Heart" gift, girls EXP can not earn.

 "Passion Heart" gifts and grabs it as a 
 girl's heart , the girl's heart "Hadaka degree" is up! 

 ※ "Hadaka degree" can be confirmed on the event top screen.

③ GET "Innocence · Passion" with "Hadaka degree 100%"! 
 By setting the "degree of hakakaka" of a girl to 100%, you can
 earntheSR swimsuit "Innocence · Passion"dedicated to that girl.
Innocence · Passion

"Omoha" opening with owner mission achievement!

"Owner Mission" which is dedicated to this event, subject to the cumulative number of gifts of "Passion Heart " is prepared. 
An event limited episode will be released as a mission accomplishment fee. 

Please check the progress status and use "Owner Mission" screen to receive after opening. 

Event Episode 
※ Mission accomplishment fee will not be accepted after the event ends. 
Please be sure to receive it within the event period. 
※ You can earn owner EXP by watching.

■ Collect "White Day coins" and exchange with items !!

you give a girl a "passionate heart ", you may get "white day coin" as a return from a girl The collected 'White Day Coins' 
can be exchanged for various items at 'Event Shop'.
White day coin

* In rare cases, you may be asked to return "skill awakening stone (innocence · passion)". 
※ Please confirm the details of the event shop later.

【Supplement】 About the present function collectively

you give a present with the following buttons checked, you can give the same items in units of 10 at a time. 

* Even if 
gifts are brought together , the judgment of returning will be done individually as well as when gifts are given one by one, and will be reflected collectively after the present.

[Supplementary] Get "PP" Potential "!

When awakening the skill to "innocence · passion" to the maximum, 
the potential ability "passion technique" (PP 4) of each girl will be released! 

   The open potential "passion of technique" is 
   " each girl Fes Corde screen "> " potential " 
   in, you can set the accessories that girls are equipped. 
In order to awaken the "Innocence · Passion" skill, 
"the same bathing suits" or "skill awakening stone (innocence · passion)" is necessary. ※ How to obtain "Skill awakening stone (innocence · passion)"

  • "Passion Heart" In return for gifts
  • Purchased at "White Day Coin Award Redemption Office"

■ Featured Score Reward

You can earn various rewards based on the scores you gained during the event.
Stamina liberation stone (oversized)Power release stone (oversized)Trend Gacha Ticket

■ Trends Swimsuit List

The following swimwear will power up significantly at the event festival and a bonus will be added to the score.
Madeleine (mind)Bathing suitsAcquisition score UP! 
Innocence · PassionBathing suitsAcquisition score UP! 
Innocence · PureBathing suitsAcquisition score UP! 

The bonus of the score obtained can be confirmed on the result screen.

Notes on the event period

About "First half" and "Latter half" of "Hadakanokokoro"

This event "Hadakano no Kokoro" will be held in two parts, with a period of "first half" and "second half". 
In the first half and the second half, the festival to be held / the reward you earn will be replaced with another one, and the 
degree of progress of each girl (Degree of Hadaka) will also be reset. 

● Changed / reset in the first half and second half
  · "Passion Heart Festival" will be held only in the first half. 
   ※ "Passion Heart" will not be able to win in the second half 

  · "Innocence · Passion" will be earned only in the first half. 
   ※ The second half's reward will be changed to another swimwear 

  · "Hadaka degree" will be reset with the latter half start. 
   ※ All girls' "Degree of Hadaka" will return to 0% 

  · "Event Episode" will be separate in the first half and the second half. 
   "Passion Heart" which is necessary for opening the first half "event episode" can not be acquired in the second half.

● Things to be succeeded in the second half
  · Acquisition scores are accumulated through the first half and second half. 
   Score reward is also common throughout the first half and the second half. 

  · The acquired "White Day coin" can be accumulated 
   and exchanged for items through the first half and the second half .

■ Event shop

■ Duration

2018 3/1 (Thurs) After Maintenance ~ March 21, 2018 Thursday 03: 59

■ Exchange for event limited items!

Collect "White Day coins" and exchange it for gorgeous prizes! 
※ After the event limited shop, "White day coin" can not be used.

■ White Day coin Awning of the redemption office

Innocence · Pure
Lucky round glassesGood luck ChouchuLucky ribbon hair accessories
Skill awakening stone 
(innocence · passion)
Strengthening techniques Technique 
Pose card 
"Utsubushi Hozoe"

■ Pickup gacha

■ Duration

2018/3/15 (Thur) 2018/3/15 (Thurs) 3:59 

"Pickup Gacha" in Swimsuit "Madeleine (heart)" exclusive swimwear for "Kokoro" and 
swimwear for each girl except Luna " The proportion of offering innocence · passion "is up. 
(Please confirm below for details.) 

* Swimwear subject to pickup is set higher than Venus Gacha's swimwear of the same rarity. 
※ SSR swimsuit "Madeleine (mind)", each girls' swimsuit "Innocence · Passion" will be a limited time swimsuit. 
※ This "gacha" "Innocence · Passion (Luna)" will not be discharged. 
※ There is a possibility that the limited swimsuit will reappear. Please note. 
※ Specifications such as gacha are subject to change without notice.Please note.

■ Pickup gacha limited pickup swimsuit

skill【Intense pressure A】
activation probability at the time of receipt 35% / opponent power - 60%
skill【Stamina 5 rising from inside】
Stamina consumption - 11%
"Hadakano no Kokoro" Limited festival 
invokes a trend bonus. 
Only the mind can wear.
※ Parameters are numbers when raised up to the maximum value. 
* By acquiring the skill awakening to the maximum, you can acquire the skill as the potential ability. 

Bromide opened at the time of getting swimming suit is here! 

And if you wake up your skills to the utmost ... ... 
Another bromide opens!


Please understand beforehand that the contents and schedule of the event are subject to change without notice 
· The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
· Because there is a possibility that a limited-time event, swimwear, accessories, items will reappear, please be forewarned. 

now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" .