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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Notice of "First time rock climbing" held

Notice of "First time rock climbing" held
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 16:00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation". 

We will hold the event "First Rock Climbing" from 9/19 (Wednesday).

■ First time rock climbing

■ Duration

2018/9/19 (Wed) after the end of maintenance ~ Thursday, September 27, 2018 03: 59

■ Event Summary

Challenge for "rock climbing" with events dedicated to event festival! 
If you can climb to the end, the girl's "potential ability" will power up.

"Tamaki" who received a request from the owner 
proposed "rock climbing" as a new training menu for girls 
Start training on rock climbing in "Misaki" immediately Tamaki's special training, of course ...


■ Featured Score Reward

You can earn various rewards based on the scores you gained during the event.
Event EpisodeStamina liberation stone (oversized)Power release stone (oversized)

■ How to play an event

Collect 'Rock Climbing Only Item'!

 When winning the event festival, you can earn "climbers coin" and "guts injection drink (on the day only)" with probability. 
   ※ The number and probability of "Climbers coin" and "Guts injection drink (on the day only)" are dropped 
    depends on the rank of the challenged festival. 
   ※ The higher the fest rank, the higher the number and probability of being dropped.
★ Increase the number of "Climbers Coin" and "Guts Injection Drink" earned by Trend Swimsuit! 
If you set SSR swimsuit "Otsumi Pinchos (Tamaki)" to Fescode, the number of 
"Climbers Coin" and "Guts Injection Drink (Today's Only)" will increase . 
In each girls' swimsuit "Natural Bouquet" , the number of "Climbers coin" gets up .

 "Climbers coin" can be exchanged for "Guts injection drink (on the day)" or "key to the difficult route" at the event shop.
Guts injection drink 
(on the day only)
The key to the difficult route

  ※ "Guts injection drink (on the day only)" has an expiration date. 
    Please note that you can not use the drink after 04:00 the next morning. 

  ※ For details of each item, " 【Limited Time】 New Activity" Rock Climbing "Appears! Please refer to the announcement. 

Let's train "Potential ability" to train!

 On the event top screen, you can challenge "rock climbing" for each girl. 
 The girl who tried for the first time , before the rock climbing, the potential ability " Diamond rock power " can be obtained, so do not forget to GET!

If you win the "Clymers Fest" of C rank or higher, you can earn "Skill awakening stone (natural bouquet)" with probability 
"Skill awakening stone (natural bouquet)" can be used to awaken the skill of SR Trend Swimsuit "Natural Bouquet" at this event. 
 ※ The probability that 'Skill awakening stone (natural bouquet)' will be dropped will depend on the rank of the challenged festival. 
 ※ The higher the fest rank, the higher the probability of being dropped. 
 ※ "Skill awakening stone (natural bouquet)" can not be used for trend bathing suits other than this event. 
Skill awakening stone (Natural bouquet)Natural bouquet
* By skillfully awaking each girl's "natural bouquet" up to the maximum, skills can be acquired as a potential ability.

The "high potential of PP" that you learned by maximizing awareness of SSR swimwear will greatly increase the parameters by training with rock climbing Please do not miss this opportunity to strengthen!
※ You can acquire skills as potential by skillfully waking up "Appetizer Pinchos (Tamaki)" to the maximum .

Let's train "potential ability" with rock climbing! !

※ For details on rock climbing, " 【Limited Time】 New Activity" Rock Climbing "Appears! Please refer to the announcement.

To challenge "rock climbing", girls' Guts Pt is required. 
Since "Guts Pt" is consumed every time you climb , let's restore Guts Pt with Guts injection drink (on the day only) " 

When climbing up to the top, the effect of the potential ability is strengthened one step .

Depending on potential capacity, you have to challenge difficult route " to boost your abilities .
In order to challenge the difficult route, " the key to the difficult route " is necessary. 
Since there is a limit to the "key to the difficult route" that can be obtained during the event, let's choose the potential ability to train with reference to the following!
★ Let's see which potential ability to train! 
The number of exercises (strengthening phase) and the effect of increasing depends on the necessary PP and the effect before strengthening. 
"Potential ability" which maximized awakening and released the SSR swimsuit can obtain a higher effect. 

* When reaching the maximum reinforcement stage that can be strengthened, the potential ability is displayed in "blue".

■ Challenge the high difficulty festival with the forged potential ability! Let's clear and get gorgeous reward! !

Challenge the high difficulty festival 'SS rank festival'! 
Let's get luxurious reward by defeating the enemy that is waiting!

When wearing the swimwear with the following trend effect, girls will power up.

Let's challenge a strong game party by strengthening the potential of girls with "rock climbing"!

■ Supplementary matter

Please note the following points.
  • "Guts injection drink" "Keys to difficult route" are limited items for this event. 
    After the event is over, the possession number will be reset and you will not be able to use it.
  • Each girl's "Guts Pt" is reset after the event and will not be handed over to the next event.
  • The enhanced "potential" effect is effective even after the event ends.

■ List of trend codes

The following swimwear will power up significantly at the event festival and a bonus will be added to the score. Other special effects for events are also generated.

The SSR swimsuit that produces a trend effect can be obtained with the following gacha. 

"Omami Pinchos (Tamaki)"Please see here for details on the above gacha .

■ Event shop

■ Duration

2018/9/19 (Wed) after the end of maintenance ~ 2018/10/4 (Thu) 03: 59

■ Exchange for event limited items!

In an event-only shop, you can exchange "climbers coin" you got at the event festival with various items. 

※ After the event limited shop, "Climbers coin" can not be used. 
※ The use deadline of "key to the difficult route" available at "First time rock climbing" is 2018/9/27 (Thur) 03: 59 . 
※ The expiration date of "Guts injection drink (on the day)" available at "First time rock climbing" is 03: 59 every day . 
※ Neither will be exchanged at the event shop after September 27, 2018 (Thursday) 04:00 .

■ The eyeball of the climbers coin reward redemption center

Key to difficult route 
(exchangeable up to twice a day)
Guts injection drink 
(on the day only)
Natural bouquet 
(each girl)
Skill awakening stone 
(Natural bouquet)
Arch lock (※) 
(each girl)
Power release stone 
Techniques liberation stone 
Stamina liberation stone 

※ "Arch Rock" will reappear the shooting spot that appeared in the event "Adventure! Treasure Hunt Festival". 
 If you have obtained at the last event, you can not get it at this event.


· Please understand beforehand that the contents and schedule of the event are subject to change without notice. 
· The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
· Because there is a possibility that a limited-time event, swimwear, accessories, items will reappear, please be forewarned. 

From now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation".

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