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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

【Limited Time】 New Activity "Rock Climbing" Appears!

【Limited Time】 New Activity "Rock Climbing" Appears!
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 16:00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation". 

From 9/19 (Wednesday), a new limited time activity "Rock Climbing" has appeared ! 
"Rock climbing" can strengthen the "potential ability" of girls !

■ Overview of rock climbing

■ Duration

2018/9/19 (Wed) after the end of maintenance ~ until 2018/9/27 (Thur.) 3: 59


 ※ Only one girl can challenge rock climbing at the same time. I can not challenge with other girls while challenging. 
 ※ After the event period, you can not challenge rock climbing.

■ How to play rock climbing

① Let's start rock climbing!

Please select the girl who challenges from the event TOP and press the "challenge rock climbing" button.

Girls who are challenging for the first time Potential "Gemstone Power of Diamonds" ♪
Girls who challenge for the first time in rock climbingcan get immediate potential "Diamonds Power" immediately. It is a potential ability to strengthen with rock climbing! 
* Potential ability To get "Diamonds Power Power" please be sure to press the "Try Rock Climbing" button from the event top.

② Potential ability to train with rock climbing is chosen!

When you press "Challenge rock climbing", "Potential ability selection screen" is displayed.

It is a list of potency possessed by girls. You can select by clicking potential ability. 
The maximum potential or the potentiability that can not be strengthened during the strengthening phase is grayed out and displayed.

It shows how the selected potential is enhanced. 
"★" is added to the end of the name for the enhanced potential, and the color of the frame changes according to the reinforcement phase.

Information on lock climbing necessary to enhance this potential is displayed. 
To the top...It is a gut Pt necessary to reach the top. 
By reaching the top potential capability is strengthened one level.
Next move...To move a cliff one step ahead is expressed as "Move" and the 
guts Pt required for the next "move" is written. 
If gut Pt is less than this, you 
can not start rock climbing .

The number of possessions of Guts Pt possessed by girls and " Guts injection drink" is displayed. 
Guts Pt Pressing "+" on the right shifts the screen to use the Guts injection drink. 

In this screen set the number to use guts infused drinks. 
The gut Pt injected by gut injection drinks will rise as girls' STM gets higher. 
In addition, if you are wearing a trend swimsuit to Fescode, the effect will further increase .
How to obtain Guts Injection Drink ·
Drop Reward for
"FirstTime Rock Climbing" Event Festival· Purchase at Event Shop
"First Rock Climbing" ※ How to play " First Time Rock Climbing" is " Opening Rock Climbing for the First Time Please refer to the notice of

challenging...Rock climbing will start. 
In the case of strengthening a strong potential ability, the necessary number of "keys to the difficulty route is displayed, 
and we can not challenge unless we meet the necessary number.
Retirement...I retire the challenging rock climbing. 
When retiring, the progress status is reset, 
and you have to climb from the beginning if you challenge again. 
In addition, " even if you are consuming the key to challenge the root," 
consumption "was the key to the challenge route" will not be returned. 
(Enhancement value will not be reset.)
How to get the key to the difficult route
· Buy at the event shop of "First time rock climbing". 
(Up to 2 per day)
* Fordetails onhow to play " First Rock Climbing ", please refer to " Notice of Holding Rock Climbing for the First Time ".

③ Let's watch the girls on the rock climbing screen!

Let's watch the girls rock climbing on the rock climbing screen!
The remaining amount of Gut Pt and the required Pt up to the top are displayed. 
When guts Pt runs out, rock climbing will be interrupted on the spot.
If rock climbing is interrupted
 If you have a guts injection drink, you can inject it on the spot and go ahead. 
If you do not inject, rock climbing will be interrupted,
but you can resume from whereyou left off unless youretire.

The guts Pt necessary to climb the next cliff is displayed. 
Guts Pt required for each "move" varies depending on the potential ability to strengthen.

If a girl who is supporting you is wearing a trend swimsuit, "support bonus" will occur. Please refer to here for 
"support effect by girls" 

Potential potential during reinforcement is displayed.

Double speed...The speed of rock climbing progress is doubled. 
(There is no effect on the result of rock climbing.)
AUTO...Switch on "ON" "OFF" of auto progress of rock climbing. 
When the auto is "OFF", after the girl finishes the move, it will stay on the spot. 
(There is no effect on the result of rock climbing.)
ALL SKIP...We will skip rock climbing to the end. 
(There is no effect on the result of rock climbing.)
PAUSE...Pause the rock climbing. 
"Shooting" is also possible even when paused.
To shoot...Shooting screen is displayed. 
The same operation as shooting in the valley is possible.
Change viewpoint...Change the camera viewpoint. There are the following variations in viewpoint.
  • Position of viewpoint to see girls rock climbing. 
    (From bottom to left to top)
  • A view from which girls who are cheering are visible.

  • ■ Let's support girls while rock climbing! Sometimes naughty too! What?

    Let's support girls rock climbing as owners.
    When the guts Pt runs out during rock climbing, the rock climbing is interrupted. 
    Rock climbing will be resumed by using "Guts Injection Drink" immediately.

    If a girl who is supporting you is wearing a trend swimsuit, "support bonus" will occur. 
    The support bonus has the effect of recovering a part of the consumed gut Pt, and the 
    effect gets higher the more girls wearing the trend swimwear. 
    (The swimwear rarity does not affect the effect.)
    Conditions of a girl who supports you ·
    2 girls who participated in the fest last time
    · Current partner
    If there are girls participating in rock climbing above, the number of girls who support will decrease.
    Please refer to " Notice of holding of rock climbing for the first time " for the trend of swimsuit of 
    First time rock climbing ".

     ※ It does not affect the result of rock climbing at all.


    · Please understand beforehand that the contents and schedule of the event are subject to change without notice. 
    · The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
    · Because there is a possibility that a limited-time event, swimwear, accessories, items will reappear, please be forewarned. 

    now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" .

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