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Notice of "Hot Black and Desire Halloween (First Half)"

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

(Updated) Notice of "Star Coordinator Gacha" and "New shooting spot added"

Notice of "Star Coordinator Gacha" and "New shooting spot added"
Created July 26, 2018 (Thursday) 17: 00
2018 / August 1 (Wed) 18: 00 updated
(8/1 (Wed) 18: 00 postscript) 
8/2 (Thu) 03: 59, "Star Coordinatea (Rei Fan)" of "Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival" being held will be closed. 

Also, the exchange between "Ray Fan Star" and "Sandwich" is until the end of the 8/9 (Thu) 03: 59 time limited shop "Ray Fan Star Award redemption office". 
Please note that you can not exchange "Rey Fan Star" and "Sandwich" after the limited time shop. 

※ Please note that "Ray Fan Star" will be unusable after the limited time shop. 

For details, please refer to the information on "Star Coach Gacha (Rey Fan)" and "Ray Fan Star" .

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation". 

From July 26 (Thursday), "Star Coach Gacha (Rei Fan)" will be held for a limited time.

■ Star Coach Gacha (Rey Fun)

■ Duration

2018/7/26 (Thursday) After maintenance ~ 2018/8/2 (Thursday) 03: 59 

SS CORDIKACHA " dedicated SSR swimsuit " SANWITCHI ", SR swimsuit "Uemineko" The proportion of "Innocence · Grace" "Akebono" is increasing. (Please confirm the following about each swimsuit.) In 

addition, you can get ten "Rei Fan Star" surely as a bonus of 10 consecutive gacha. 
For details , please confirm about "Rey Fan Star" and Reyfan exclusive SSR swimsuit exchange . 

※ Star Coach Gacha will be only ten consecutive gacha with a paid V Stone. 
※ Swimsuits that are subject to pickup are set higher than Venus Gacha's swimwear of the same rarity. 
※ Only for "Rei Fan" SSR swimsuit "Sandwich (Rei Fan)", SR swimsuit for "Rei Fan" "Umineko (Rey Fun)" "Innocence · Grace (Rey fans)" "Akebono (Rey Fun)" for a limited time It will be swimwear. 
 It is not included in "SSR bathing suit confirmation ticket gacha" "Venus gacha". However, there is a possibility of adding in the future. 
※ After the end of Star Coach Gacha, "Rei Fan" can not be obtained until "Gacha" including "Rei fan exclusive swimsuit" is held. 
※ "Rei Fan" can not be selected as a partner at the beginning of the game. 
※ There is a possibility that the limited swimsuit will reappear. 
※ In order to use accessories and hairstyle it is necessary to obtain separately from swimming suit.
※ Specifications such as gacha are subject to change without notice. 
※ Detailed probability etc., please be sure to confirm gacha details.

■ "Star Coach Gacha (Rei Fan)" limited pickup swimsuit

Only Rei fans can wear. 
"Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival Festival" In a limited festival, special effects are generated by wearing on Fescode. 
※ For details , please check the announcement of "Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival Festival" .
※ Parameters are numbers when raised up to the maximum value.
* By acquiring the skill awakening to the maximum, you can acquire the skill as the potential ability.

Bromide opened at the time of getting swimming suit is here!

About SSR swimsuit exchange exclusively for Reyfan with "Ray Fan Star"

"Ray Fan Star" that you can get with bonus "Star Coach Gacha (Rey Fan)" can be exchanged for one Reyhan exclusive SSR swimwear with 200 pieces at event limited shop "Ray Fan Star Award Redemption Office" .

★ About obtaining 
"Ray Fan Star" "Ray Fan Star" is available as a bonus at "Star Coordinate Gacha (Rey Fan)" of this event "Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival". 
 ※ It becomes the same item as "Ray Fan Star" which was acquired in the past event gacha.
★ About "Ray Fan Star" usage period 
"Ray Fan Star" will be a limited time item. This event "Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival Festival" can be exchanged with each item at the limited time shop. 
 ■ Period
 Covered 2018/7/26 (Thu) After Maintenance ~ 2018/8/9 (Thu) 03: 59
★ About the number of exchanges between 
"Ray Fan Star" and "Sandwich (Rey Fan)" The number of times you can exchange "Ray Fan Star" and "Sandwich (Rey Fan)" is only once during the above use period.

■ New shooting spot "Fireworks" appeared!

※The photograph is an image.

■ Limited time sale

2018 July 26 (Thursday) After the maintenance ~ 2018/8/2 (Thurs) 12: 59 In the 

above period each photograph spot "fireworks" will be half price ! 
By all means, please get it on this occasion!
Product contentpriceDiscount rate
Photographing spot "fireworks" photographing right of each girl100 girls 'Venus coins
50 girls' Venus coins 50 pieces
50% OFF

※ You can only purchase invited girls items.
1. From the shooting screen, click the menu button on the top right.

2. Click the Spot tab. 

3. Select "Place" with left and right buttons.

4. If there is more than one "point", you can change it with left and right buttons.


· Please understand beforehand that the contents and schedule of the event are subject to change without notice. 
· The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
· Because there is a possibility that a limited-time event, swimwear, accessories, items will reappear, please be forewarned. 

From now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation".

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