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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Midsummer Soft Estheties (Latter Half)

Notice of "Midsummer Soft Estheties (Latter Half)" to be Held
2018 / August 16 (Thurs) 14: 00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation". 

From 8/16 (Thursday), we will hold the event "Soft Esthetic in Midsummer (late)".

■ Mid-summer Soft Estheties (Latter Half)

■ Duration

2018 / August 16 (Thur) After completion of maintenance ~ Thursday, August 23, 2018 03: 59

■ Event Summary

"Midsummer Soft Esthete" is a gift for girls to exchange "este coins" collected at the event festival with various "esthetics", change the "softness" of the skin, and "soft skills" acquired It is an event that can boost girls by the effect of .

In response to a request from the owner, "Luna" and "autumn leaves" were 
looking for some "medicinal herbs" in the back of the jungle. 
Finally got it and the two who returned 
are informed that the medicinal herbs are related to this work ...

You can earn various rewards based on the scores you gained during the event.
Power release stone (oversized)Techniques liberation stone (oversized)Stamina liberation stone (oversized)Event Episode

■ How to play an event

 By winning the event festival, you can earn "este coin" with probability. 
   ※ The number and probability of "Este coin" dropped depends on the rank of the challenged festival. 
   ※ The higher the fest rank, the higher the number and probability of being dropped.
★ Increase number of "Este coins" earned by trend swimwear! 
SSR swimsuit "Fukusaku Takaneko (Luna)" "Bamboo bamboo shoots (autumn leaves)" 
"Bamboo bamboo shoot (Marie)" "Bamboo shoots (Kasumi) 
or " Swimsuit Natsuiro Natsuko" 
The number of "Este coins" gets up .

By giving a newly added "posterior buttress item", you can 
change the softness of the girl's buttocks. 
New aesthetic items can be exchanged at the event shop.
★ "Beauty Esthetic Item" and Esthetic Effect
"Soft Esthe" effect depends on the items you gave, as follows.
Soft oil ...... softens the shaking of the girl's buttocks
Soft liquid ... softens the deformation of the girl's buttocks
Ticking oil ...... hardly shake the girl's buttocks
Tick ​​tight liquid ...... hardens the deformation of the girl's buttocks

By giving a newly added "posterior buttress item", 
you can master the soft skills that girls' TEC will rise!
★ Master the soft skills of ★ Let's aim at the new SSR swimsuit 
When you give "posterior buttress item", the following effects will occur.
  • (TEC) soft skills to master !
  • When equipped with the following swimwear as fescode, the appearance rate of SSR soft skill is up ! "Ukusaka Takeoko (Luna)" NEW! "Ukusaka bamboo shoot (autumn leaves)" NEW!   ※ SSR soft skills "always" appear when waking up to the maximum skill ! 
★ Master the soft skills of ★ Let's aim at a trend bathing suit 
If you give "softest esthetics", the following effects will occur.
  • (STM) learn soft skills !
  • When equipped with the following swimwear as fescode, the appearance rate of SSR soft skill is up ! "Ukusaka Takeoko (Luna)" NEW! "Ukusaka bamboo shoot (autumn leaves)" NEW!"Urasuwa Takeoko (Marie)" "Urasuwa Takeoko (Kasumi)" "Natsuiro Takeo"   ※ If youawaken to the maximum skill SSR soft skill "always" emerges! 

■ Complete the high difficulty level gets a gorgeous reward with clear festival! !

At "Midsummer Soft Esthetics (Late Half)", the high difficulty festival "SS rank festival" appears! 
Let's get luxurious reward by defeating the enemy that is waiting!

When wearing the swimwear with the following trend effect, girls will power up.

Let's raise the girl's parameters by the effect of learning "soft skill" and challenge powerful match!

■ Passing elements from the first half

When giving girls "gentle aesthetic items" on the present screen, 
"Goddess (Venus) degree" that expresses the charm of the girl who gave the gift will upload. 
When "Goddess degree" reaches 100%, you can earn girls' SR swimsuit "Natsuiro Ikebana".

■ Change softness by giving gentle esthetics!

The effect of girls' "softness" "hardness" can be confirmed on the skin care screen.
★ How to check "softness" of the
skin "Softness" of the skin is displayed on the right side of the screen when you select the "skin care" tab on the present screen. 
"Softness" changes by giving "softest esthetics".

Every time you give a "soft esthetic" item, the effect of the esthetic changes one step at a time .
★ You can lock with your favorite "softness"! 
In the skin care window, you can "lock with current value" for each soft parameter. 
※ Only locked parameters will not change even if you give "soft esthetic" items.

When you give "gentle esthetic items" to girls on the skin care screen, you can master 
"soft skills" . 
The type of soft skill is determined by the probability, and up to three girls can be acquired per girl.

※ If you have learned soft skills to the maximum of 3, you will not be able to master the new "soft skills". 
※ "Mild skill" that you are acquiring can be confirmed with "gifts"> "skin care"> "skill". 
※ The rise value due to the effect of "soft skill" is displayed in () at the parameter display part of the girl. 
In addition, if other trend bonus etc. are occurring, the summed value will be displayed in ().

By giving "Natural Milk", you can 
reset " girls' soft skills learned" "soft parameters" . 
※ "soft parameter" = parameter indicating softness of each part
★ softness (= "soft parameters") If you want to keep a lock setting function of each "soft parameters" When you lock using, when you reset mastered the "soft skills" in the "natural milk" current "soft parameters You can keep it.  ※ Please note that "soft skill" can not be locked.

■ Supplementary matter

Please note the following points.
  • "Soft Esthetic Item" "Natural Milk" is an 
    event limited item for this event. After the event is over, the possession number will be reset and you will not be able to use it. 
    Since it is not possible to change "soft parameter" and "soft skill" after the event ends, 
    let's find the setting of your choice within the event period.
  • It is not possible to inherit the possession number of "softest esthetics" or "natural milk" obtained at past events.
  • The effect of 'soft skill' learned is effective even after the event is over.
  • The effect of "soft parameter" is effective even after the event ends.

■ Trends Swimsuit List

The following swimwear will power up significantly at the event festival and a bonus will be added to the score. 
Other special effects for events are also generated.

■ Event shop

■ Duration

2018 / August 9 (Thursday) After the maintenance ~ 2018/8/30 (Thu) 03: 59

■ Exchange for event limited items!

In the event shop, you can exchange "Esthetic Coin" you got at the event festival with a variety of items including soft esthetics items. 

※ The expiration date of "Esthetic items" and "Natural milk" which can be obtained at "Soft Esthetic in Midsummer" is2018 / August 23 (Thur) 03: 59 . 2018 / August 23 (Thursday) After 04:00 it will be impossible to exchange at the event shop.

■ The eyeball of the esthetic coin reward redemption center

Soft oil
Soft liquid
Ticking oil
Ticking Liquid
Soft gelSoft lotionTicking gelTicking LotionNatural milk
Pose card 
"Do not!"
Pause card 


· Event contents and schedule are subject to change without notice. Please note. 
· The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
· Because there is a possibility that a limited-time event, swimwear, accessories, items will reappear, 
 please be forewarned. 

From now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation".

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