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Notice of "Hot Black and Desire Halloween (First Half)"

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

8/9 Notice of Maintenance Completion

8/9 Notice of Maintenance Completion
2018 / August 9 (Thurs) 16: 00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" 

We did it in the following schedule We will inform you that maintenance has been completed.

■ Maintenance date and time

2018 / August 9 (Thurs) 13: 00 ~ 16: 00

Maintenance contents

  • Update related to the event scheduled to be held
  • Fix defect
Details of this Maintenance are as follows.

■ Update contents

* For details about the following update contents, please check each announcement.
  • We started the limited-time event "Midsummer's Soft Esthetic (First Half)".
  • We added a limited-time event shop "Midsummer Esthetic Coin Award Redemption Office".
  • Added period limited gacha "Trend Coordinate Gacha (Marie · Kasumi)".
  • A limited time login bonus was added. 
    ※ We will give you the following items once a day (maximum of 7 days) during the period. 
     · SSR gacha supplement voucher × 1 (1st day ~ 6th day) 
     · SSR gacha supplementary tickets × 2 (7th day)
  • We added a limited-time product "V Stone extra pack with" to the owner shop. 
    ※ As a bonus "Free V Stone × 10000 pieces" will be attached as a bonus to "V V Stone × 14000 pieces".
  • New hairstyle "Dumpling Twin (Mary)" was added to Marie's Venus Shop. 

    In commemoration of the addition, we started a limited-time sale as follows. 
     ■ New hairstyle "Dango Twin (Mary)" additional commemorative sale
    • Duration 8/9 (Thu) After maintenance ~ 8/23 (Thu) 12: 59
    • Price 240 Marie Coin ⇒ 120 Mary Coin
  • Added time-limited gacha "Nostalgic Kodegacha (Kokoro)".
  • We added a limited time owner mission subject to pick up swimwear "Madeleine (Kokoro)". 
    ※ Event episodes of "Hadakano nooko (first half)" can be obtained as a fee reward. 
    * It is not displayed when episode already acquired.
  • In the main menu "Gacha" item, I showed a balloon that announces that free gacha is held once a day.

Fixed problem

  • On the pre-game preparation screen, the contents displayed when mouse over the opponent was sometimes wrong, so we fixed that girls' parameters are always displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that the effect of soft skill might not be reflected during game.
  • Fixed a bug that the name and parameters of swimwear might not be displayed on the CODE list screen.
  • Fixed so that the reality is displayed in the item of the reward on the pre-game preparation screen.
  • Fixed a bug that the SE played during pause beeps if you switch to another screen after pressing the pause specification button on the skin care tab of the present screen.
  • Fixed a problem that the SE sounds when the cursor is moved to the lower right of the screen on the potential capability screen.
  • Fixed a bug with minor display.

Distribution of items according to this maintenance

■ Thanks for the trouble apology and maintenance

We sent the following items to the post as an apology for inconvenience caused by trouble and thank you for your cooperation in maintenance.
  • V Stone × 500

  • ■ Notes

    Please pay attention to the following points regarding distribution of all the above items.
    • Customers who are playing "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" as of "August 09, 2018, 13: 00" are eligible.

    • Please note that it is necessary to receive it by "November 07, 2019, 15:59".

    now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" .

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