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Thursday, July 12, 2018

"A Wish To The Stars" Event 1, "Long time no see!" (English)

Version 3:

Version 2:

Some quick changes:
  • Got rid of the black borders around the English text.
  • Blurred the Japanese text for easier readability.
  • Ditched the "[laugh]" connotations and transcribed the way the girls actually laugh instead (ex. "Haha")
Will be using this format for future translations from now on.

Old version:

Unlike the blog updates which are run through google translate, this is translated by a native Japanese and English speaker.

Anyone interested in seeing more translations? I'm planning on contracting translations for all the cutscenes in the game to get done, but only if there's interest.

Edit: Removed English v.1 and replaced with v.2

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