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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Notice of "Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival" held

Notice of "Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival" held
July 26, 2018 17:00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation". 

The event "Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival Festival" will be held from 7/26 (Thursday).

■ Pounding! First watermelon split festival

■ Duration

July 26, 2018 (Thursday) After Maintenance ~ Until August 2, 2018 (Thu) 03: 59

■ Event Summary

"Doki Doki! First Watermelon Festival Festival" is a festival that attracts watermelon, challenging "Watermelon split festival" held once a day. 
When you break the watermelon, various items will appear from inside!

"Tamaki" appointed as a leader of Fes 
up with a pretext of teaching watermelon splitting to "autumn leaves" and "elena" that he had never done "watermelon split" done at the festival ...


■ Featured Score Reward

You can earn various rewards based on the scores you gained during the event.
Event EpisodePower release stone (oversized)Stamina liberation stone (oversized)

Let's get luxurious reward with "Watermelon split"!

By following the procedure below, you can enjoy "watermelon split" with girls.

"Watermelon split test" at each rank If you clear the festival, you can participate in the "watermelon split" competition.

If you win at the final of the competition festival of each rank, you can get "watermelon for competition" as a reward.
★ Get the watermelon for competition with the first reward of Fes · S rank fee!
Festival nameInitial RewardS clear initial compensation
Rank E to B Rank Ama Competition Final Fight
Watermelon for amateur sports
A Rank Professional Competition Final Fight
Watermelon for professional / amateur sports
S ranked professional competition final game
Watermelon for professional / amateur sports

Watermelon for professional games
★ The opening time of the competition is 24 hours! 
"Competition" will end after 24 hours. 
Once you finish you will be able to try again and you can earn the first reward and S rank fee again.

Give a girl a "watermelon for competition", the girl will start watermelon splitting. 

Items emerge from watermelon and the possibility to get luxurious items ...?

Let's get more rewards at Trend Coed!

By using Trend Corde as the following points, you will be able to get more rewards. 
 ※ Please confirm here about "Trend Coode" .
Challenge "Watermelon split festival" and compile "Watermelon Coin". 
If you win the game you can win "Watermelon Coin" with probability 
The watermelon coin wrapped can be exchanged for 'Amaterasu watermelon' at the event shop 
   ※ The number and probability of "watermelon coins" dropped depends on the rank of the challenged festival. 
   ※ The higher the fest rank, the higher the number and probability of being dropped.
The girls who participated in the game were trending SSR swimsuit "Sandwich (Rei Fan)" "Lina light prism (Tamaki)" "Rose light prism (autumn leaves)" "Tellurite prism (Elena)" , or trend SR accessories at this event Is set in Fescode, the number of "watermelon coins" gets up .

With "Reset" you can re-challenge the competition festival without waiting 24 hours. 
However, to "reset" you need one "Watermelon split ticket", so 
let's exchange it for "Watermelon Coin" at the event shop. 
 ※ "Watermelon split tickets" can be purchased up to two per day.
The festival to be reset by "Watermelon Discount Ticket" is only the festure which was opened when the "Reset" button was pressed. 
For example, if it is the image below it will be reset only for "C rank amateur event".

In "S rank professional competition final", you can get "watermelon for professional competition" with S rank clear! 
S rank 
Let's challenge the game by wearing "Trend Coordinate" where a bonus is added to the score to exceed the "S rank border" necessary for winning the evaluation !
★ Clear the mission of the girl, Accessory" GET! 

Let's collect "watermelon for competition" and give it to girls! 
For rewards you will get an eye mask with the trend effect of each girl's face painted.

When a girl who appeared in watermelon split wearing a trend swimsuit to Fescode, 
the number of "skill awakens (Akebono)" that emerge from among the divided "watermelon for competition" will rise. 
※ If there are multiple girls wearing trend swimwear, the effect will be up according to the number of people.
★ About girls appearing in
watermelon split Maximum 4 girls who satisfy one of the following conditions willappear in watermelon split. 
 · Girls who watermelon · 
 Two girls who participated in the last match 
 · Current partner

■ List of trend codes

The following swimsuits and accessories will greatly power up at the event festival and bonus will be added to the score. Other special effects for events are also generated.

The SSR swimsuit that produces a trend effect can be obtained with the following gacha. 

"Sandwich (Rey fans)" Please see here for details on the above gacha "Lina light prism (TAMARI)""ROSE light prism (autumn leaves)" "TELLIGHT Prism (Elena)" Please see here for details about the above gacha .

■ Event shop

■ Duration

July 26, 2018 (Thursday) After maintenance is completed ~ Thursday August 9, 2018 03:59

■ Exchange for event limited items!

In the event-only shop, you can exchange "Watermelon Coin" you got at the event festival with various items. 

※ After the event limited shop, "Watermelon Coin" can not be used.

■ Watermelon Coin Award winning redemption center

Watermelon split ticket 
(exchangeable up to twice a day)
Watermelon for amateur sportsAkebono 
(each girl)
Skill awakening stone 
Power release stone 
Techniques liberation stone 
Stamina liberation stone 


· Please understand beforehand that the contents and schedule of the event are subject to change without notice. 
· The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
· Because there is a possibility that a limited-time event, swimwear, accessories, items will reappear, please be forewarned. 

From now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation".


  1. Buying tickets for this event is a joke. Don't waste 300 event currency on that garbage, buy 15 watermelons instead. You can only get 1 watermelon from using a ticket. You won't be able to beat S rank with SR suit so just keep repeating A rank matches to get points. Equip 2x Event glasses and 2x event SR for 70% point bonus. Fuck the S rank. Don't waste your time on S unless you have SSR event suit which are impossible to get (7 10x rolls not one fucking SSR).

    1. got 2 SSR on this event with 30k vstones, and i mostly get 1-2 on every event so its not hard, but even with SSR swimsuit you can grind on A rank match if you didnt maximize it yet

    2. you are so lucky. normally you can get 30k vstones each event on average, that leads to 1 ssr every 2 or 3 events.
      1-2 ssr on every event is impossible.

  2. Tell me about it.... this fucking drawing mechanism is fucked up, damn japs invented this shit

  3. I giggle about how much money you fools willingly spend on this peepee lifter and then have the audacity bitch about it afterwards. "Serves" you right!