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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tower Festival ~ Golden Tower ~ (second half)

Notice of "Tower Festival ~ Golden Tower ~ (second half)" held
Created May 10, 2010 (Thursday) 16: 00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation". 
Tower Festival ~ Golden Tower ~ (latter half) "will be held from 5/10 (Thursday).

■ Tower Fest ~ Golden Tower ~ (second half)

■ Duration

2018/5/10 (Wed) after completion of maintenance ~ 2018/5/17 (Thur.) 3: 59

■ Event Summary

"Tower Festival ~ Golden Tower ~ (second half)" is an event aimed at capturing the new Tower Festival "Platinum Tower" festival . 
Let's clear the "platinum tower" divided into several hierarchies and aim at the top floor. 

In the second half, we will challenge the "platinum tower" that needs a victory in "S rank evaluation" as a hierarchy clearing condition. 
※ It is not a ranking event competing for the score you won.

■ Let's climb to the top floor and get gorgeous rewards and limited titles!

Challenge "Tower Festival" where each character's stamina is handed over between games and collect rewards. 

Furthermore, "platinum tower trophies" that can be won by festival can be exchanged for items at "event shop". In addition, you can also open time limited episodes by collecting "Trophy of the Platinum Tower".

"Elena" who was appointed leader of Fes nominated "Mary" as another leader. 
Marie stays out to support Elena, but 
Elena wanted Marie to "be ready for the same leader ..."


■ "Tower of platinum" special rule

■ Addition of "hierarchical clearing condition" ( * new element )

In the "platinum tower", if you win by "S rank rating" on "floor master" to refrain at the top floor of the hierarchy, "entrance" to the next level appears. 
By winning the floor master of a particular hierarchy you can get a limited title ". 

* Tower festival does not appear on the top of the tower "Tower of Platinum Tower Zenith Floor". 
※ You can not challenge the "golden tower" festival in the first half of the event. 
※ The basic way to play Tower Festival is to check "Tower Festival ~ Golden Tower ~ (First half)" announcement .

■ Capture point for "S rank evaluation" acquisition

① Leverage the new element "Fever skill" and earn appeal points! !

"Fever skill" granted to the newly appearing SSR swimwear " Platinum · Minuet " and " Platinum · Fizz " has the effect of increasing acquisition appealing point if it meets the condition. Let's use the skill well and aim to clear S rank.

★ Let's also use "Fever skill" of guests! 
Even if a girl of a guest who participated in the game is wearing a swimwear with "Fever skill", you can also 
acquire "Fever Skill Bonus" to satisfy the condition. 
Special skill activation effect will be activated when you participate in the game.

②-1 Get trendy swimwear with gacha! "Take score" up by trend bonus !!

Trends available in Gacha Swimwear will generate a trend bonus in the event festival. 
Due to the bonus effect, girls will power up during the game and the scores you earn will rise.

GET Trends Swimwear with Gacha !!
Duration: 2018/5/10 (Thursday) After Maintenance ~ You can access each announcement by clicking the image until May 17th 2018 / Thursday (Thurs) 17th 


②-2 Get SR Trend Coordination with reward! Increase "Acquisition Score" with Trend Bonus !!

Even the trend coords "Angel Bouquet" and "Syrona" available under "Platinum Tower Trophy" and "Gold Tower Trophy" allow the girls to power up or score to earn during the game due to the effect of the trend bonus.
Event limited shop "platinum of the tower trophy benefits exchange office" in "Shirona" a get
hold period: 2018/5/10 (Thu) to maintenance after the end of ~ 2018/5/24 (Thursday) 3:59 

※ For more information "Event Limited shop " Please confirm.
Get "Angel Bouquet" at the event-only shop "Gold tower trophy reward redemption station"
Duration: 2018/5/2 (Wed) until after maintenance ~ 2018/5/24 (Thur.) 3: 59 

※ " Tower trophy reward redemption point ", it is necessary to exchange with" gold tower trophy ". 
※ For details please check "Event Limited Shop" .

③ Finish to the best condition, challenge "floor master"!

If you challenge the game while consuming the stamina, the appealing points you earn will decrease. 
Be careful with the following points and finish girls in the best condition!
★ Restore girls' stamina with trend swimwear! 
Each trend swimwear will upgrade the stamina recovery degree after equipping by equipping it! 

Furthermore, if you play in the "Trend Players Recovery Match" of the Tower Festures above the higher floors,
the stamina of "girls who wore the trend bathing suit wearing the game" will recover dramatically . 

※ Only "Trend Swimsuit" will be covered. Accessory "Sirona" is out of scope.
★ Let's play various girls and stay stamina! 
Girls who have not participated in the game will recover stamina at a certain rate. 
Each girl's "Angel Bouquet" "Syrona" has a trend effect set, so
let the girls who are not usually active also be equipped with Trend Coed and make them active in the game!

さらに、タワーフェスではフレンドをゲストにすると、試合参加ラウンド数が 2 ⇒ 3 にアップ!!!

■ トレンド水着とアクセサリの効果

プラチナ・ミヌエット (マリー)
・獲得スコア UP!


・試合後のスタミナ回復 特大UP!

・女の子獲得EXP UP!

ナイトケージ (たまき)· Acquired score oversized UP! 

·  Oversized UP! 

· Stamina recovery after games oversized UP! 

· Girls' Acquisition EXP Great Up! 

· Number of "Platinum Tower Trophies" earned! UP! 
 (Awakening up to the maximum will increase the effect)
Marionette (female Tengu)And acquisition score large UP! 

 oversized UP! 

After-game stamina recovery large- UP! 

· Earn girls EXP big !
Angel bouquet· UP score acquired 

·  Ultimate UP! 

· Stamina is recovering after game UP! 

· Earn girls EXP small UP!

Accessory nameTrend effect at the event · Special effects
Sirona· Earned score small UP!
* 1 bonus represents the ratio of the parameter. 
※ 2 "Tower of Gold Trophy" will not be dropped in the latter part of the event.

■ Event shop

■ Duration

2018/5 / (Wed) after maintenance is over ~ 2018/5/24 (Thursday) 3: 59

■ Together "Platinum Tower Trophy", get rare items!

When winning the game with the opponent at the event fest, "platinum's tower trophy" drops. 
The "platinum tower trophy" you got can be exchanged for items at "event shop".

■ Exchange for event limited items!

Collect 'Trophy of platinum' and exchange it for gorgeous prizes! 
Continue to "Tower Festival ~ Golden Tower ~ (First half)", gold tower trophy reward redemption office can also be used. 
※ For Gold tower Trophy Award Redemption Place , please confirm the announcement of holding "Tower Festival ~ Golden Tower ~ (First half)" . 
※ "Trophy of platinum" "Trophy of Gold" "Tower of Gold Trophy" can not be used after the end of the event limited shop.

■ Platinum Tower Trophy Bonus of the Award Redemption Office

SironaGold tower trophyTechniques liberation stone 


Please understand beforehand that the contents and schedule of the event are subject to change without notice 
· The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
· Because there is a possibility that a limited-time event, swimwear, accessories, items will reappear, please be forewarned. 

From now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation".