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Notice of "First time rock climbing" held

▲ Notice of "First time rock climbing" held Wednesday, September 19, 2018 16:00 Thank you very much for using "DEAD ...

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Notice of Maintenance Completion

Notice of Maintenance Completion
2018/5/10 (Thurs) 16: 00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" 

We did it in the following schedule We will inform you that maintenance has been completed.

■ Maintenance date and time

2018/5/10 (Thurs) 13: 00 ~ 16: 00

Maintenance contents

  • Update related to the event scheduled to be held
  • Specification change, adjustment
  • Fix defect
Details of this Maintenance are as follows.

■ Update contents

* For details about the following update contents, please check each announcement.
  • We started a limited-time event "Tower Fest ~ Golden Tower ~ (latter half)".

  • Timed Coach Gacha (Marie Elena) "added for a limited time. 
    ※ It is free once a day for a limited time until 5: 17 (Thursday) 3: 59.

  • A new element "Fever skill" was added. 
    We have added related screen displays and directing.

  • With the introduction of Swimwear "Platinum · Minet" and "Platinum · Fizz" with three skills, we corresponded to display three skills.

  • A limited time owner mission was added. 
    By accomplishing ※ "Tower Fest ~ Golden Tower ~" event episode will be released.

  • We have added a limited time event shop "Platinum Tower Trophy Award Redemption Office".

  • "Awakening only" was added to the filter of the skill awakening screen.

  • I showed skill type icon at the beginning of each skill name. 
    = "Active skill" 
    = "passive skill" 
    = "fever skill" 
    = "potential ability"

■ Specification change / adjustment contents

  • Changed to include "addition of appeal points by trend bonus" to the judgment value of S ranking evaluation at the game result.

  • On the preparation screen before the event festo, we displayed "S rank border" representing the score which is the S ranking evaluation.

  • In the skill invocation display during the game, the specification of the priority order of skills to display has been changed. 
    "Fever skill" and "active skill" have been changed so that they are displayed more preferentially than "passive skill" and "potential ability".

  • Along with the end of the campaign period, "Trend Cordega (Female Tengu)" once a day was ended free of charge.

Fixed problem

  • Fixed a problem that the trend bonus icon was always displayed even though there was no trend bonus that increased acquisition experience value on the lesson result screen.

  • Fixed a problem that can not be deselected even if you click on the selected material when you select the maximum number of swimsuits as a material on the trade-in screen of the shop or the awakening screen of skill of Corde.

  • When setting "model quality" as "high", "screen resolution" as "1280 x 720" or "960 x 540" in the environment setting item, lighting is not correctly hit in "hotel room", "dressing room", "studio" Fixed a problem.

Distribution of items according to this maintenance

■ Thanks for maintenance

As a thank you for your cooperation in maintenance, the following item was sent to the post.
  • V Stone × 100

  • ■ Notes

    Please pay attention to the following points regarding distribution of all the above items.
    • Customers who are playing "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" as of "May 10, 2018 13:00" are eligible.

    • Please note that it is necessary to receive it before "August 08, 2018, 15:59".

    now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" .