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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Kizunafesu - Eien no Hana -

Announcement of the new event "Kizunafesu - Eien no Hana -"
2018/4/5 (Thur) 16: 00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation". 

From 4/5 (Thursday) we will hold the event "Kizunafesu - eternal flower ~".

■ Kizunafesu ~ Eternal Flower ~

■ Duration

2018/4/5 (Thursday) After the maintenance ~ 2018/4/11 (Wednesday) 23: 59

■ Event Summary

"Kizuna Fest ~ Eternity Flower ~" will compete with "Friends" to challenge "Eternal Flower Festival" for this event and compete for ranking based on the score obtained. 

special bonus will be incurred by greeting a friend's girl as a guest 
Also, by cooperating as a guest in a friend's game, you can share some of the bonuses that have occurred .

Human Mi who met with the owner during training in the morning 
will be told that he was elected as Kizunafes' cover girl. To Hitomi who thinks uneasy, the 
owner starts talking about the story of 'eternal flower' that it is transmitted to the island ... ...


■ Featured Score Reward

You can earn various rewards based on the scores you gained during the event.
Event EpisodeAppeal liberation stone 

■ Featured ranking fee

Vital band (Hitomi)SSR confirmation gacha ticket 
(※ 1)
SSR fixed gacha supplement ticket 
(* 2)

※ 1 "SSR confirmed gacha ticket" can draw "SSR fixed ticket gacha". 
※ 2 "SSR fixed gacha supplement ticket" can be exchanged for "SSR fixed gacha ticket" by collecting 8 pieces. (It is possible to carry over even after the event ends)
★ SSR accessories "Vital band (Hitomi)"
SSR accessory for Hitomi. 
The maximum PP required as equipment cost of potential for accessories is "17"! 
The combination of various potential capacities spread! !
※ "Vital band (Hitomi)" does not have an invitation entry sheet of Hitomi.

■ How to play an event

■ Challenge the game with friends, get Kizuna Bonus"!

Kizuna Bonus" will occur if you choose a friend as a guest .
★ Include "Cover Girl Swimsuit" and upgrade "Kizuna Bonus"! 
"Kizuna Bonus" is calculated with the following elements.
  • The higher the consumption FP of the event festival game is, the more it increases!
  • Higher your " cover girl bonus" is up!
  • As the friend 's " cover girl bonus" is higher, it gets up!
The " percentage of Kizuna shares " that Friends can receive 
can be confirmed before the game. 

※ Your own Kizuna Bonus will not decrease.

■ In " Kizuna share", get event scores from friends!

If you choose guests from friends " Kizuna share" will be given.
★ Include "Cover Girl Swimsuit" and upgrade "Kizuna Share"! 
"Kizuna share" is calculated with the following elements.
  • The higher the consumption FP of the event festival game is, the more it increases!
  • Higher your " cover girl bonus" is up!
  • As the friend 's " cover girl bonus" is higher, it gets up!

■ Gather up "Cover Girl Swimsuit" and improve score efficiency!

Cover Girl Bonus" is generated by equipping Fescode with Cover Girl Swimsuit" and winning the event festival. 

The cover girl bonus will be increased as the number of people wearing cover girl swimsuits and their "skill awakening stage" are many.

In addition, wearing "Cover Girl Swimsuit" will also generate "Trend Bonus", so 
you can earn more scores.
★ How to check "Cover Girl Bonus Increase Rate"!

■ さらに「ボーナスフェス」でスコア効率アップ!



■ Trend · Cover Girl Swimsuit List

In the following cover girl swimsuit, both the cover girl bonus and the trend bonus will occur at the event festival, power up during game or bonus will be included in the score obtained. 
Other special effects for events are also generated. 
According to rank in "Bonus festival", the score obtained further increases UP!
TypeSwimwear nameClassificationTrend effect at the event · Special effects
 Eternal Kratel (Hitomi) Bathing suits · Cover girl effect occurred! 
· Earned score big UP! 
· Oversized UP!
Bathing suits
· Cover girl effect occurred! 
· UP in score · UP! 
· Middle UP!
The bonus of ※ represents the ratio of the parameter. 

The bonus of the score obtained can be confirmed on the result screen.

■ Event gacha

The following event gacha is being held for a limited time only.

■ "Trend Coorda Gacha (Hitomi)"

Duration: 2018/4/11 (Wed) until 23: 59/2018/4/11 (Wednesday) after the maintenance ~ Wednesday

Festival ~ "Eternal Floral ~" SSF 
swimwear with Cover Girl Bonus and Trend Bonus at Limited Festival " Eternity Kuraruto (Human Mi) ", the rate offered by the SR swimsuit" Lila "is increasing. 

For details , please check the announcement of "Trend Coordinator Gacha" .


· Event contents and schedule are subject to change without notice. Please note. 
· The game screen used within the announcement is under development. 
· Because there is a possibility that a limited-time event, swimwear, accessories, items will reappear, 
 please be forewarned. 

From now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation".