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Notice of "Tower Festival ~ Prayer for Full Moon ~"

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

3/29 Notification of Maintenance Completion

3/29 Notification of Maintenance Completion
March 28th, 2018 (Thursday) 17: 15

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" 

We did it in the following schedule We will inform you that maintenance has been completed.

■ Maintenance date and time

March 28th, 2018 (Thurs) 13: 00 ~ 17: 15

Maintenance contents

  • Update related to the event scheduled to be held
  • Specification change
  • Fix defect
Details of this Maintenance are as follows.

■ Update contents

* For details about the following update contents, please check each announcement.
  • We started a limited-time event "First time softest esthetics (second half)".

  • We added the limited-time gacha "Trend Coordinate Gacha (Female Tengu)" "Trend Coordinate Gacha (Kasumi)".

  • "First time softest esthetics (late)" event limited owner mission was added.

  • We added products to the limited time event shop "Este Coin Rewards Exchange."

  • A new element "soft skill" was added.

  • Information tab of "soft skill" was added in the skin care window of the present screen.

  • Selected on preview before game Confirmed display of soft skill information of guests.

■ Specification change

  • Along with the end of the campaign, we changed the probability of occurrence of "Gacha" of "Venus Gacha" and Gazza "Trend Coordinate Gacha (Ayane · Masaki)" for a limited time. Please confirm details of each gacha gacha for details.

  • We have changed the display period of "Soft Esthetics Item" of the limited time event shop as follows.
    • (Before change) April 12, 2018 03: 59
    • (After change) April 5, 2018 03: 59
    * For details about the following changes, please check each announcement.

  • We changed to display the current possession number in the product information of "soft esthetic" item of the limited-time event shop.

Fixed problem

  • Fixed a bug that "Swimwear's maximum value notation" and "Swimwear skill awakening frequency notation" displayed on the friend screen and guest selection screen are not correctly displayed.

  • Fixed a bug that stopped when leap day was set on birthday. ※ Birthday conversation will occur on 3/1 except leap year.

  • When a festure was selected on the festival selection screen of the tutorial, the problem that it became impossible to advance depending on the operation method was corrected.

  • In cases such as when the number of items possessed is large, we corrected the symptoms that "Memory allocation failed" as it is not possible to continue as an additional measure because it is difficult to continue.

  • We changed to display "999" when the number of possessed items displayed over the item icon is 4 digits or more. (Actual number of possessions will be the possession number of 4 digits or more)

  • Fixed a bug with minor display.

■ "Ayane Coin" Failure and Correspondence (2018/3/22 additional report)

will report additional measures concerning the following troubles corresponding to urgent maintenance by March 22, 2018 .

Fixed problem

  • When purchasing Misaki's hairstyle "Long (Misaki)" at the Venus Shop, 
    it is exchanged using "Ayane Coin" instead of "Misaki Coin"


For the customer who did not possess the necessary number of "Misaki Coins" at the time of emergency maintenance on March 22, 2018, the following correspondence was implemented.
  • Return "Ayane coin × 240 pieces"
  • Recover Misaki hairstyle "Side tail decorations none (Misaki)" purchased last

■ Apology about trouble and maintenance extension

As an apology for inconvenience caused by trouble and maintenance and extension of maintenance, the 
following item was sent to the post.
  • V Stone × 500

  • Please pay attention to the following points regarding distribution of the above items.
    • Customers who are playing "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" as of "March 29, 2018, 13: 00" are eligible.

    • Please note that it is necessary to receive it before "15:59 on June 27, 2018".

    now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" .