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Notice of "Hot Black and Desire Halloween (First Half)"

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

(Notice) 2/22 Notice of Maintenance Completion

2/22 Notice of Maintenance Completion
2018/2/22 (Thursday) 17: 00

Thank you very much for using "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" 

We did it in the following schedule We will inform you that maintenance has been completed.

■ Maintenance date and time

2018/2/22 (Thurs) 14: 00 ~ 17: 00

Maintenance contents

  • Update related to the event scheduled to be held
  • Partial specification change
  • Fix defect
Details of this Maintenance are as follows.

■ Update contents

* For details about the following update contents, please check each announcement.
  • The limited-time event "Kizunafesu - secret labyrinth ~" was added.

  • The limited-time event gacha "Trend Coordinate Gacha" was added.

  • We have added a limited-time event gacha "Kasumi birthday gacha" scheduled to be held.

  • The following period limited item was added to the owner shop.
    • "SSR confirmed gacha ticket" + "V Stone 14000 pieces" set

■ Specification change

  • We have changed to include owner who did not acquire appeal point during target period as target for aggregate star ranking. 
    ※ Details will be described later.

  • Added NEW display according to the read status of bromide.

  • We have changed so that friends will be preferentially elected to guests on preview screen confirmation screen.

  • I changed the icon so that it is displayed when the selected guest on the confirmation screen before game is friend.

Fixed problem

  • Fixed a problem that regular update processing in Star Rank has not been executed in "After maintenance on February 15, 2018". 
    Details and correspondence will be described later.

  • Fixed a bug that rally did not end when "skip button" was pressed during a beach volleyball game.

  • Fixed a problem that "Fast Forward of Beach Volleyball" setting in the option setting is always reset to "Fast Forward" setting when starting the game again.

  • In addition, minor trouble was corrected.

■ About trouble concerning star rank

After maintenance on February 15, 2018 ", the following trouble occurred in the star rank.

■ About the problem of target

  • The following periodic processing in the star rank has been stopped after "Maintenance on February 15, 2018".
    • Updated ranking of "Star Ranking" every day at 4 AM
    • Assignment renewal of "Star Rank" every day at 4 AM
    • Reset "cumulative appealing point" every Monday at 4 AM

■ About correspondence

In response to this problem, we made the following response. 
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
  • We fixed bug that caused processing to stop.

  • As a special countermeasure received this trouble, the following update was carried out based on "cumulative appealing point" at the time of "February 22, 2018 14:00" during main maintenance.
    • Update Rank of "Star Ranking"
    • Assignment renewal of "Star Rank"
    ※ "Cumulative Appeal Point" is not reset. 
    Only this time will be continued from "4 am on February 12, 2018".

■ Other, supplement of specification change

In the specification relating to "Star Rank" assignment, we have changed as follows.
  • We changed the specifications of the object for determining the relative distribution of each rank in "Star Ranking" assignment as follows. 

    (Before the change) 
     is license rank not reach the S rank, "acquired owner appeal point" during the aggregation period 

    (after the change) 
     , "all owners license rank has reached the S rank" 
    ※ aggregate period Regardless of whether you are playing inside or not. 
    ※ The relative distribution ratio of each rank has not been changed.

As a result of this specification change, if the license rank has reached S rank and the "number of owners who obtained the appeal point" during the aggregation target period is the same, the "number of owners included in the upper star rank" Before "Specification change" or more .

■ Thanks for the trouble apology and maintenance

We sent the following items to the post as an apology and thank you for your cooperation in maintenance this time for the inconvenience this time.
  • V Stone × 1000

  • Please pay attention to the following points regarding distribution of the above items.
    • Customers who are playing "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" as of "February 22, 2018, 14:00" are eligible.

    • Please note that it is necessary to receive it by "May 23, 2018, 16:59".

    now on thank you for "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" .